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Gourd Artist Extraordinare

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    In the fall of 2014, I took the spare $1,000.00 dollars I had, went to the Wellburn Gourd Farm, bought a bunch of gourds, art supplies, and tools. I just started making gourd art not knowing what I was doing. I taught myself how to carve gourds since I could not find any info on it at the time. Then I started painting with alcohol inks only to discover that I could paint. I still can’t believe that I can paint as well as I do.

My Biography

  I grew up in a family of 9 children. I was 5th child,.Four bothers and four sisters. I grew up in the Northwest in Wenatchee, Washington.

  I’ve been an artist my whole life. I started at a young age making decorations for all the holidays for our family. I also started sewing at seven years of age and made all my sisters’ doll clothes and building doll houses.

  In grade school, I started doing crafts like macramé, weaving, batik, and drawing geometric shapes. When I was 11 years old worked with my grandfather in cutting and shaping gemstones for jewelry.

  At age 13 I learned to make marionettes . In high school I studied Architecture, Interior design, pottery and did  3D perspective drawings of homes landscapes, and cityscapes.

  As a young adult I started doing Native American arts and crafts, which I still do. Dream Catchers are my favourite thing to make.  I also played several instruments: saxophone, Native American Flutes, Recorders, Keyboards, and Guitar.

  In my 30’s I became a chef and managed kitchens in several restaurants. I loved being creative with food and the presentation of the dishes I served.

  It wasn’t until I came to work at the Living Desert Zoo in Palm Desert California that I discovered Gourd Art. How I ended up working at a Zoo was through a mutual friend of who is now my boss. I always wanted to work at a zoo!

  Upon arrival I saw a lot of gourd art around the offices which sparked my curiosity. I finally asked who made these and they told me it was one of our volunteers. I finally met her and became friends. I asked her once how she did this art work and she showed me a video. I was hooked! I had to do this kind of art.

  Working a t a Zoo I am painting a lot of animals now that I have more confidence in my ability to paint. My gourds with animals on them sell well and for a good price. I so amazed how well I do and how fun this is.

  What I love most about Gourd Art is that I can do anything on gourds: paint weave carve, add clay sculpture, add embellishments  I spend what ever spare time I have doing my art. I am so grateful to be able to this. I amaze myself with every piece I make!

  I love creating Gourdgeous Works of Art!

Jaguar on the Prowl

Jaguar on the Prowl

Jaguar on the Prowl - back

Gourd Artist ExtraordinaireJaguar on the Prowl-Backside